Tillbaks till hemsidan. Miss Saigon Stockholm


Michael Hallbert Ljusdesign AB, Sweden, designed the lighting for the Swedish production of Miss Saigon.

In one scene (see photo) the crew wanted to highlight a "ghost" descending from "heaven". The actor wears fluorescent clothing/make-up and, against a dark background, hangs from the ceiling in a harness. The audience does not see the harness or the background. The "ghost" is slowly lowered to the stage floor where he is quickly unclipped by stage workers, enabling him to move freely around the stage. The stage workers are dressed in black (non-fluorescent material) leaving them invisible to the audiance. Thanks to the UV - Fluorescence effect, the audiance only sees the fluorescing parts, in this case the actor floating in.

In another scene a full size helicopter is put on stage. In this case rotating rotor blades should be visualized. The solution was to use fluorescent ropes that are stretched out by the centrifugal force when the "rotor" starts turning. When the ropes are UV-illuminated the effect is very similar to real rotor blades.

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